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Have you ever tried many system utilities to keep your Windows in peak performance? Many try to optimize Windows and make it run fast without expensive hardware upgrades. Formerly many Windows optimize utilities such as TuneUp Utilities, Ace Utilities are popular, and since the Windows Vista is released by Microsoft, Vista Manager, Tweak Vista…a great deal of system utilities are now Vista compatibility and extremely hot. Here we won’t talk about which one is the best, but to tell you how to keey Windows fast. Actually, many utilities modify Windows registry to improve the system performance, an uninstller software will show you how they changes. Take Total Uninstall for example, not only used to uninstall software, but also it can monitor registry changes for other system utilities. Use it you can discover which registry key is changed after your tweaking, for example, after checking the option “Do not cache thumbnails” in Folder Options, the registry value - [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ DisableThumbnailCache] will change from 0 to 1. And you can save this registry key as a .reg file, it has the same effect. That is to say, even you turn on or turn off an option, it may reflect in registry. Now you can use the system utilities for free tweak by saving the registry files. And best of all, it’s efficient and painless. Others will also share your tweak for free. Of course, some system utilities may change so many registry values (sometimes also modify system files) that it’s not practical to save. But you can also use Total Uninstall to uninstall the utilities, and keep your registry clean. in other words, it’s just like a registry cleaner. Especially if you would like to download and install new applications, an uninstaller software is must-have application for you. Windows registry is a miracle just like man’s nerve centre, no wonder there are so many system utilities to tweak and clean the registry. And it’s necessary to backup your registry to avoid being damaged. In Windows XP, the registry is saved in the system folder - %Windir%\system32\config - as some files without the extension, such as “system”, “software”. Also the system would keep a backup copy under %Windir%\repair after Windows installation. You can use Erunt to backup registry, to repair registry you just copy them back to the system folder under Windows Recovery Console.


CyberLink be founded in 1996, is the leader and pioneer in enabling digital multimedia on PCs and CEs. CyberLink develops a range of award-winning digital media creation, playback, sharing, and enjoyment applications for home and business PC users worldwide. CyberLink flagship products includes: PowerDVD, PowerDirector, PowerCinema, Power2Go, PowerBackup, LabelPrint, and more. We use the products of CyberLink in our life everyday, watch DVD by PowerDVD, edit video by PowerDirector, burn and backup DVD by Power2Go or PowerBackup, design beautiful disc cover and print it by LabelPrinter. I will introduce main products of CyberLink as following for you PowerDVDCyberLink PowerDVD is the most popular DVD player of the world, the latest version is PowerDVD 7, this version has advanced tech as follows: CyberLink Eagle Vision (CLEV)-2, brightens images and naturalizes colors; Smart Video Deinterlacing-ensures a smoother and clearer video image; CyberLink Pano Vision (CLPV ) stretches 16:9 and 4:3 video to fit the monitor size, and more. PowerDVD experience the best in video and audio entertainment for you. PowerDirectorPowerDirector is a powerful video editing software, with PowerDirector, you can edit videos and slideshows automatically, PowerDirector’s DVD Template includes 29 new designs, moveable buttons, text and color tools, let you create stylish menu for your DVD; Magic Movie Wizard is great for beginners, convenient for experts, the automated step-by-step approach quickly guides you through movie production. Furthermore, you can publish your video directly to YouTube video, get seen by millions of viewers by sharing your life. Power2Go Power2Go is a powerful DVD burn software, burn data to disc, on CDs, DVDs, blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs, create DVD photo slideshow, burn audio CDs, rip MP3s, and burn DVD movie that play on a home DVD player. Furthermore Power2Go can burn protected DVD with encryption and password protection. Power2Go’s operation is very simple, drag-and-drop burning operation is very simple and easy to use. LabelPrintLabelPrint is a DVD label maker, lets you to create stylish disc labels, design and print stylish CD/DVD labels in 4 steps. With LabelPrint, you can make a beautiful and individuation CD or DVD for your girlfriend or family.






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