It comes, like happiness,
to those who are aiming at something higher.


The 25 Worst Web Sites scam

"Many of our bottom 25 date from the dot-com boom, when no bad idea went unfunded. Some sites were outright scams–at least two of our featured Net entrepreneurs spent some time in the pokey. Others are just examples of bad design, or sites that got a little too careless with users’ information, or tried to demand far too much personal data for too little benefit." PC World 评选出世界上最糟糕的25个网站,其中不乏几个我比较熟悉的站点。例如,实在不知道PC world是根据什么理由来评价,但是我自己觉得这两个网站还是比较常用的。虽然说常用的不一定是不糟糕的:( 在这25个站点当中,第三熟悉的就是13.,这个 这个是一个打着白宫旗子的黄色站点。

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