It comes, like happiness,
to those who are aiming at something higher.



* What kind of reality do you actually live in? What are its capabilities? 事实上我不直到如何描述自己现在所处的状态。每日里只是窝居在小窝,上网、看文章或者游戏,也许除了睡觉我就只有这些事情可以忙碌。这不是个好的状态,只是不直到该如何改变。我想我该努力的去改变这种状态,而不是就这样苟且的继续。 * Do people, places, and objects still exist when you aren’t perceiving them? * What are the fundamental principles upon which you can build an accurate model of reality? * What assumptions have you made about reality that are totally unprovable and may in fact be wrong? * What are the limitations of the Law of Attraction, why do they arise, and how do you work around them? * How can you manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t want? * If you’re stuck in an unhappy situation right now, why are you stuck, and how do you change it? * What is the mechanism by which intentions manifest? Why don’t they manifest instantly? * Why might subjective reality be a more accurate model than objective reality? * What are the practical consequences of a subjective belief system?

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