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Something wrong/mistake with Google AJAX Search API?

I tried to work with Google AJAX Search API following the instruction of both and the singing up page of Google AJAX Search API key. I modifid my template following the code i failed many times. But I found something interesting. When I turned to Page Elements page, there comes two windows I captured here. These two pictures showed me that the map API key is not for this webaddress and the search API key is invalid. In fact, I am using the key I applied for this blog, And I was shocked when I saw this. the google API works well here in Page Elements page! In my index page, I only got the titles. Could someone tell me what should I do to make it work for me?


Alex said...

oaso,在应用AJAX Search API时我和你遇到一样的问题,看你好像是在中国,不知道是不是因为这个原因?

gentletouchee said...

good for you that you got to that stage,me, it always returns an error that the xml is not well formed.